Accommodating intraocular lens review

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Accommodating intraocular lens review

This occurs when the cells that are present in the periphery of the lens that usually slowly proliferate throughout life remain in the lens capsule after extraction and migrate to the posterior surface.When compared to their corresponding phakic counterparts, pseudophakic pilots under the age of 50 had 3.72 times the risk of having a mishap while the pseudophakic pilots over the age of 50 had 1.41 times the risk.Long term exposure to infrared light and microwave radiation may also lead to cataract formation.

Presently, IOLs are especially designed for patients with different vision problems.

Phacoemulsification is the most commonly performed cataract procedure in the developed world.

However, the high cost of a phacoemulsification machine and of the associated disposable equipment means that ECCE and MSICS remain the most commonly performed procedure in developing countries.

In addition to these age related changes, infants may be born with congenital cataracts.

Direct ocular trauma and some medications, specifically the long term use of steroids, may also result in cataract formation.

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These intraocular lenses are usually spherical, and they have their surface uniformly curved.

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