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Yeah, I usually watch Mad TV until , then switch over and watch SNL on and off until the WU.

I do like the fact that SNL has musical guests, so that and WU give it a slight edge over Mad.

Yet despite the fact that Beyonce herself said that Rihanna is family I know some of you can't picture Beyonce and Rihanna holding hands and skipping down Fifth Avenue.

Mad TV used to rock, then it became about as good as SNL, and then it just sucked, and it kept on sucking and hasn't stopped.

Last week was pretty much one of the best weeks in Beyonce's career. And by shit I mean not sit beside your country ass while you yelled "Whoop her ass Beyonce! I had good seats at the Beyonce Experience, the Janet concert, and the Alicia Keys concert, and I REALLY wanted those on-stage seats where you're close enough to get Beyonce's lacefront sweat on you.

She kicked off her world tour, her movie debuted at #1, Halo moved up a little bit, and she got her real estate license. I refuse to spend to sit all the way out in the damn parking lot to where Beyonce and her dancers look like a bunch of bedazzled ants.2. Disgusted With Beyonce's "Friendship" with Rihanna So I'm watching Beyonce's interview on Larry King Live on You Tube (Jesus has not yet formed a fence around my Comcast Cable situation). The highlight of the interview is when Larry asked Beyonce about her feelings about "the incident", and Beyonce said "Rihanna is like family."As you know I am not welcome at Beyonce World, but I can about imagine that there was a 20 page argument about what Beyonce meant by "family".

The show's first season was available on DVD under Warner Bros. Despite a preview for a season two DVD set, Warner Bros.

Li Angelo don't even have an official shoe, so he's barely in the family.

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