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' The newlywed couple appeared on Chinese variety program, 'Are You Hot' where they showed an example of a typical morning conversation. 'Zheng: 'Sure, sure, let's go to the lake.'As a result, he turned to a robot he built late last year he named Ying Ying.In a viral video shown on ku6.com, the smiling husband sits next to his bionic 'wife'.Decades of illegal baby gender selection, prompted by the one-child policy, has caused the country to suffer from a severe gender gap.The gender ratio between baby boys and baby girls has reached 1.3 to 1 at its highest.

Before 'marrying' Ying Ying, Mr Zheng started his own robotics company, Brain of Things Science and Technology.

The woman didn't look like mom, she usually wears baggy sweat pants to jog in, and an old, oversized t-shirt, but yes-- it was her. It was that night I fantasized about fucking her, first we fucked against a tree, then I moved my fantasy to Bear Mountain.

I used to camp there when I was a boy and I always wanted to bring a hottie there.

In the video, a mock up animation features Mr Zheng being pressured by society and has been widely shared across social media including the Chinese twitter, Weibo and Tencent.

Mr Zheng doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with a robot.

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I ran behind her for a moment until I mustered up the courage to say "hello," I picked up speed. I laughed to myself at the thought of fucking a total stranger, I tried to think of something to say when I caught up to her.

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