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No credit card fuck dating

in the Moot Court you're presiding over next week, Gene. [Mike Narrating] The amazing thing is, in this collection of great legal minds, there isn't a single real card player. - [Chattering] - [Poker Chips Clattering] [Mike Narrating] The judges' game. - [Group Laughs] - Kid's a little tall, isn't he, Gene? Why don't you become a jockey, do something useful. Besides, he could use the background if he's gonna... This is why the World Series of Poker is decided over a No-Limit Hold 'Em table.

[Narrating] Now I hope a spade falls and Teddy makes his flush.

- No, we get to Steinbrenner in the third year of law school. A rotating group of ten or twelve judges, prosecutors and professors. it would have been pretty sweet to have any one of them owing me favors.

I'd heard about it for years on the street, before I was even in law school.

Against your average guy, I'd set a bear trap, hardly bet at all.

- [Narrating] I just got top two pair on the flop, and I want to keep him in the hand. So, what I've got to do is over-bet the pot, make it look like I'm trying to buy it.

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Finally, the Rounders script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Matt Damon and Edward Norton poker movie. If you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.

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