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Corel After Shot Pro 3 – Professional photo editor with the world’s fastest RAW photo processor. Photo Plus – Easy-to-use professional photo editor for PC (.99) – Acquired by Seriff 51. Zoner – Everything from downloading onto your computer to editing and sharing, all in one place. Acorn 5 – An image editor for mac OS 10.10 and later (.99) 50.It is powered by AI algorithm that fixes imperfections on images without human involvement. Especially in large prints hung on a wall, the difference between Blow Up and Photoshop is astounding. Foto Flexer – Photo editor and advanced photo effects for free. Canva – Online photo editor to filter, resize or adjust the images. Image Enhancer by Canon – Free online image editor to crop, add filters, adjust brightness and adding signature to the images. Think the capabilities of a Photoshop, but free and easy to use. G’MIC – Full featured framework for image processing with different user interfaces, including a GIMP plugin to convert, manipulate, filter, and visualize image data. Photo Lab 4 – Easy photo editing software for Windows. The program includes photo editing options, such as auto enhancement, retouching, red-eye removal, etc. Aurora HDR – The easiest and the most advanced HDR photo editor for Mac () 59.In a timeline free from the adverts and noise that clutter most social media channels, you can easily look back over fond memories and share them with family and friends (free) 88.Qwik – Edit your images in seconds with straightforward hands-on tools, and share them with Qwik’s online community.One of the most popular mobile photo apps (free) 87.Lifecake – Save and organise pictures of your children growing up with Lifecake.

The filter selection isn’t huge, but many are so well-designed that you’ll find them far more valuable than sheer quantity from a lesser app. It fulfills all the functions you need for picture editing and will probably be the one you turn to for sheer convenience. It enables quick separation of a photo into layers on the exact boundary of objects. Using a uniquely crafted touch interface, Filterstorm allows for more intuitive editing than its desktop counterparts with a toolset designed for serious photography. Camera360 – Camera360 auto detects photographic scenes and incorporates dynamic effect application to your images. Insta Size – Insta Size is an Instagram companion app and a seamless method to transfer photos to Instagram without cropping. Photo Editor – Photo Editor is a robust photo manipulation tool that includes gamma correction, auto contrast, blur, sharpen, and more! Photo Studio – Photo Studio is used by both amateurs and professionals alike who need simple, yet efficient photo editing tools on the go. Photo Editor by Inpixio – The whole range of professional tools at your disposal to touch up your photos and turn them into magnificent works of art: filters, effects, frames, borders, textures, stickers, text and a drawing feature. Iridient Developer – A powerful RAW image conversion application designed and optimized specifically for Mac OS X.Home License – ; Pro License (with RAW support and additional features) – 144. Also you can purchase desktop version for Windows or Mac for .99. Magic Picture – Sharpening tool and file size shrinking solution.Zerene Stacker – Zerene Stacker is “focus stacking” software designed specifically for challenging macro subjects and discerning photographers (starts from ). Helicon Focus – Helicon Focus is designed to blend the focused areas of several partially focused digital photographs to increase the depth of field (DOF) in an image (from /year). Vivid Fix – Photo editing software for Mac and Windows to fix underwater pictures and restore old photos. Snapheal – The most popular app to remove unwanted objects from photos. Focus Magic – Focus Magic uses advanced forensic strength deconvolution technology to literally “undo” blur. Available as website application, smartphone application, server-based application. A great way to give a clean look to photos that are full of unwanted elements. Digicam – Advanced digital photo management application for importing and organizing photos (free) 154. It also includes an importer tool for transferring photos from cameras (free) 155.Quick straighten /rotate, rename, dup finders, batch tools etc () 159. Image recognition API for automated organization of the images. Auslogics – Software for finding exact duplicate images. Graphics Magick – A free collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 88 major formats for Mac Windows and Linux. Irfanview – An image-viewer with added batch editing and conversion. Pixbuf – Online service for easy photo sharing, selling and analysis of the photos.rename a huge number of files in seconds, as well as resize them. Cometapp – Smart mobile photo management app powered by AI. Comet aims to revolutionize the entire mobile photo experience from capture to memories and to become the universal photo management application on every smartphone. Free Subscription and Premium Subscription /year 165.

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Krita – Digital painting and illustration application with CMYK support, HDR painting, G’MIC integration and more 34. Capture One – A professional raw converter and image editing software designed for professional photographers who need to process large volumes of high quality images in a fast and efficient workflow. Its comprehensive set of photo manipulation and retouching tools allow you to control and shape every aspect of your images ($89.95). Photo Line – Photo Line is a raster and vector graphics editor for Windows and Mac OS X. Inpixio – A set of tools for photo editing including Photo Clip, Photo Editor, Photo Focus, Photo Maximizer, Photo Eraser.

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