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"He literally told me 'It's fine, nothing that a trip to the laundromat can't fix' and I was like 'aww, you're nice yay'" (And that, my friends, is what we call a #Keeper.) cramps (or induce labor if you're already pregnant).

So, again, just be careful and maybe stick to manual/toy/alternative kinds fun if you're nervous or prone to nightmarish cramps.

There's a whole wealth of options for you to explore.

For even more information on sex, sexuality and birth control, visit It's Your Sex Life.

"During orgasm, several things happen in the brain — it releases endorphins, nature's pain killer, in your body.

Prolactin is also released, which gives you that relaxed and positive and mellow existence after sex." They can even shorten your period by speeding up the release of blood and tissue.

So, unfortunately, there are a lot of #truths about period sex that far too many people are missing out on. Maureen Whelihan -- an OBGYN who also runs her own sex clinic -- helped MTV News further debunk a few of those myths and gave us some excellent advice on how to get down while on the rag (in the safest and most satisfying way possible).

It's totally normal to feel like garbage on your period, but there's no medical/health reason for you not to have sex if it's something you and your partner want to do.

' and I was like 'nooo.' But then we did it and I had three orgasms in a row and was suddenly refreshed and feeling so magical: cramps entirely gone," she said.If you don't want a mess, you can put a towel down or use a some bed sheets you aren't too attached to. “While that’s generally a true statement — that if a girl has regular 28 day cycle [the period] is generally a great time to avoid risk -- it’s not guaranteed,” Dr. So, either way, if you are used to using a form of birth control during sex, keep on using it if you have period sex.If you're still nervous despite being safe, you can always consider other forms of stimulation too, to have sexy fun with less anxiety. Likewise, you still need to be mindful of sexually transmitted infections.Given his reputation as a hard-liner on illegal immigration and his history of calling former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate into question, it’s unsurprising that President Donald Trump has an affinity with Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.The 85-year-old Arpaio has styled himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”—a sobriquet that forms part of the title of his autobiographical books published in 19—and has garnered a reputation for a tough stance on crime, but he has also faced accusations of racial profiling.

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So, yeah: You can actually f--k your way to a less painful period if you want to (although, as you might suspect, there will be blood).

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