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Updating passenger

A rolling code transponder changes its value (code).Every time the ignition key is cycled in the ignition lock, the computer will expect a new value.

The first transponder-equipped vehicle I programmed was a 1996 Ford Taurus equipped with a fixed code Texas Instruments (TI) transponder chip.

Next steps The texts voted in the Transport and Tourism Committee now needs to be approved by the full house of the Parliament.

Background The Commission presented proposals for updating passenger ship safety rules in June 2016 following an evaluation of existing rules in the Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT) Programme.

A fixed code transponder has a set value that does not change.

In addition to TI, a number of other companies provided fixed code transponders for other vehicle manufacturers. Around the same time, some luxury vehicle manufacturers introduced rolling code transponder-based engine immobilizer systems.

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